Guided Imagery to Decrease Stress

This meditation for stress relief consists of four different exercises and an introduction explaining how or when to use them. While different, each meditation is designed to produce a centered, balanced state of mind, uplift your mood and restore a sense of focused calm.

Here are the different tracks:

1. Introduction (6:20) is an overview of guided imagery and meditation.

2. Transform Anxiety (18:30) is designed to relieve stress, mastering anxiety, and providing simple but powerful self-soothing skills to last a lifetime.

3. Peaceful Perspective (17:01) offers images designed to increase natural feelings of love, safety, protection and support.

4. Walking Meditation (15:55) is a deeply relaxing walking meditation for those who find seated meditation challenging and may not like typical forms of meditation.

5. Affirmations (13:54) are for those who prefer brief ideas and images that they can use quickly and efficiently, at any time, even while driving, folding laundry or working.